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One of the Delights of Life

It was our turn to host Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner with our local newcomer’s club. Eight couples, lots of fine food, and plenty of interesting conversation. I love dinner parties.  And then up early this morning, enjoyed our cappuccino, and joined our regular dog-walking group for an exhilarating walk along the beautiful Englishman River. […]

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After Christmas

I hope you all shared a wonderful stress-free Christmas. As busy as we were leading up to Christmas, none of the time was stressful — it was all a “good” busy. The one thing I really miss about not hosting the Christmas dinner is no leftovers! I am wandering around the house today wishing I […]

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Who Is Coming to Dinner?

I just read an article that stated the case about dinner parties now being a thing of the past. Really? Say it isn’t so. Now that we have moved out of rural isolation and are again living in a lively urban area, I am thrilled to itty bits to be able to have dinner parties. […]

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like …

We got an inside and outside tree up the other day — funny how that has sparked my Christmas spirit. Yes, you read that correctly — we bought two real fir trees: one for inside and one to put on our deck. The one outside on our deck is the main outdoor lights we have […]

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“When the waves roll on over the waters And the ocean cries We look to our sons and daughters To explain our lives As if a child could tell us why That as sure as the sunrise As sure as the sea As sure as the wind in the trees We rise again in the […]

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Thoreau had it right

“The man is richest whose pleasures are the cheapest.” ~ Henry David Thoreau (With thanks to Christine, whom I recently discovered, for her inspirational posts — I also found this quote at her site.) … the Autumn light … … the amazing world of Mother Nature … … all things naturally beautiful … … simple morning coffee […]

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