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On Agnes and other miscellany

“The measure of your life is the amount of beauty and happiness of which you are aware.” – Agnes Martin [aside: I wonder why people don’t name their daughters Agnes anymore? It’s a lovely name and sounds so nice when you say it aloud. Agnes.] I absolutely love our farmer’s market. Since I don’t have […]

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spices from a million flowers

Stargazer lilies perfume the evening breeze. The soft mutterings of geese can be heard as they float along the beach below. The light is golden against the trees, pink against the horizon, and stretching shadows into thin comedies. Since welcoming Heidi to our home, life has become busier than that of a backyard bee, with […]

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Good glorious Morning

Good glorious morning to you. So, picking up from last week’s post, now we’ve left Rome and we’re getting acquainted with the cruise ship. It’s beginning to feel like a daunting task selecting and sharing “just the right” photos from our trip. I took so many and there are few duplicates so each has some […]

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how simple a thing is

“We write to taste life twice.” — Anais Nin Eagles gathered with the squabble of seagulls — anticipating and scavenging as the herring run on the Salish Sea began this past week. Sea lions, fat as slugs, stalked and barked, then floated in their rafts after an earnest gorging. Orcas skimmed the shore hopeful for unsuspecting […]

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where morning greets you with a drum roll

I live … where morning greets you with a drum roll where tree bark and rock is lichen covered and carpets of moss create enchanting verdant forests, amazing travellers and residents alike where mornings wrap around you with the aromas of sweet wet cedar and salty air where daily the barking of sea lions and screeching of seagulls serenade those […]

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postcards from here …

Kayaker – Qualicum Beach, BC cats on the fence, ‘downtown’ Qualicum Beach, BC a man and his dogs, Qualicum Beach, BC clock tower and carillon bells – – salmon fountain, town centre Qualicum Beach the lookout boys “all wrapped up” the sign reads, “do not use” While at the marina, the sky beckoned “I walk […]

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