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Through the Fence

Okay, enough of that! As I said yesterday, “Today is a new day!” … I’m hanging my head in shame that I actually posted a “whine”. A drink of wine may have been a better idea.

Despite not being pleased at having such an unproductive day yesterday, today was full of production. I also have a cute story to share.

My dogs have had quite an adjustment getting used to having neighbours (since they’ve both been raised on and lived many years on an isolated farm). One neighbour has a dog that has become a real pain but I still have two other neighbours — yes, on one side of our yard there are two immediate neighbours (one at the top of the yard and one at the bottom part of the yard). Then on the other side is one separate neighbour. The dogs have been getting acquainted with two of the neighbours quite nicely. In fact, the one neighbour, whom I have this cute story to tell, asked me a few weeks ago if it was okay to give the dogs treats. I said sure but I’d supply them (since I’m very particular about what the dogs eat). The neighbour was hoping to make good friends with the dogs and to ensure they wouldn’t bark at them when they’re outside enjoying their yard. A great idea I thought, and so it has been.

Over the weekend this same couple has had some company staying with them and the company is complete with young children plus a dog. Their dog barks at my two but my guys only need to be told once if they should think of barking back at him. The visitor’s dog is harmless and my two dogs know it. Yesterday I noticed my male kept heading over to the lower part of the yard and sitting beside the fence, watching them. Quietly. My female did a few times too but she didn’t see what was so interesting and moved on.

Today, while I was working in the yard and later when I was fixing dinner, I noticed something unusual. My male, Austin, usually never likes being out of my sight so he’s normally inside with me or at my side if I’m working in the yard. Today, he was off on his own. Each time I noticed he was sitting, ever so quietly, with his back hunched (he does that when he gets tired). He looked like an old man sitting and watching the world go by. But Austin was actually quite taken with the people and children on the other side of the fence. And was also watching that little dog. Each time the other dog spied Austin through the fence, it began barking at him. Austin simply ignored it and a few times would turn and look at me, to see if maybe he should do something. Or maybe if he might get in trouble for what the other dog was doing. Does that remind you of your kids by any chance?

When I was fixing dinner, I stepped onto the deck just to make sure the dogs weren’t beginning to make a nuisance of themselves. My female, Pearl, had joined  our male dog and was sitting watching the goings on next door. You have to know Pearl’s personality but she’s a bit of a talker. She does this grumbling sound, similar to a growl, except it’s a grumble. She does this when she needs to go to the bathroom and wants us to let her out; she also does it if we’ve asked her to be quiet and she wants to keep at least making some sound. So there she sat, watching the neighbours and their company all the while ‘talking’ quietly to herself. I can only imagine what was on her mind!

I thought it was cute.

(No, I didn’t get a photo of that. I knew that by the time I ran downstairs to grab my camera, I would have missed the moment.)

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andrea - May 14, 2012 - 10:09 am

You’ve moved to BC! My Aussie, Zappa, was also a talker. I miss that!