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365 Project is Well Received

My 365 project appears to be very well received over at Flickr. I’m now rethinking my original thought to not include my 365 project here in my photo journal. Even though this is my business photo journal, I am now considering including some of my 365 images here. It concerns me because I don’t want to run into problems with time since I post my daily photos over at Flickr, and try to keep regular posts here, plus all the other work and home responsibilities I have. What some of the people over at Flickr seem to appreciate is the brief explanation that accompanies the images for my 365 project.

For today’s post I’ve included 4 of the 6 images I’ve taken so far and will cut/paste the brief explanation beneath the 4-some. I don’t know that I’ll have time to double up on my 365 posting at both places, so for anyone who may be interested, you can always see my entries over at my Flickr account. The comments people have left for me over there encourages me to continue with this fun project.

Beginning at the top left, going clockwise:

1. 6:365 at the art gallery … This was the third time, but the first time in 2011, that my photographic art appeared in an art gallery. It was a “clothesline” gallery meaning everything had to to be unframed and could be hung by a clothespin on a clothesline. Each artist was invited to submit 2 pieces. The manager has a knack for great presentation and she had some huge clothespins she used as props and on the ends of each clothesline. I’m honoured to have been included with some very accomplished artists.

I cannot ‘show’ any of the art due to copyright regulations naturally. So I took images of the clothesline which was the whole point of the show anyway 🙂

2. 5:365 … Interesting how photographing with intention results in photographs like this. As you can tell, today was ironing day. I have always loved doing laundry but ironing seems like more of a chore. Despite that, it always feels so good when the ironing is finished and I have so many neatly pressed hangers of shirts to put away.

3.  4:365 … Who knew washing dishes could look pretty? That poor jar that’s getting a soak (so I can remove the label for recycling), seems to appear like a drowning victim next to the stainless steamer mug. Actually, I was turning away from the sink to wipe the counters and all the bubbles suddenly caught my attention. Funny how a person can become blind to the things we do every day — all of a sudden I opened my eyes to the surface of the dish water.

4.  3:365 … I know the quality of my photos appears to be declining rapidly. But with this 365 project I’m doing (and I didn’t start on Jan 1), I’m purposely trying to do an honest depiction of my daily life, warts and all. I took several photos while out dog walking on this day but this partly-out-of-focus one represents the best part of the day and the exuberance of the dogs as they were digging in the snow. Look at that snow fly!

Speaking of snow flying … I hope you didn’t miss the previous post featuring my fun loving canine models!

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don - January 10, 2011 - 11:23 am

A fine series today. I enjoyed reading your explanation of each shot. I also added your Flickr account to my Google Reader. I admire your determination to record the daily bits of life that we all tend to overlook. You’ve got me thinking about these ideas! 🙂

Puna - January 10, 2011 - 11:38 am

Wonderful work Diane!

sherri - January 10, 2011 - 10:46 pm

i love the color palette of the art gallery pic. never would have guessed the dish washing. what a clever shot. neat post, diane.

Kelly @ JAX does design - January 10, 2011 - 11:05 pm

Fantastic photos! I’m going to have to try to remember to check out your 365 Project every day on Flickr.

I especially love the photo of your dogs playing in the snow 🙂 The photo of the clothesline at the art gallery is cool too. Congrats on being part of the exhibit 🙂