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Farm Auction near Hythe :: Grande Prairie Custom Photographer

farmers chatting at farm auction
Yesterday, on my way home, I followed signs to a farm auction. I have always really enjoyed going to auctions and I find that farm auctions have a real zest and life all their own. The farm auction wasn’t far out of my way and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. The moment I got out of my vehicle, parked in the ditch along the highway just like all the other attendees, I could hear the auctioneer singing out bids through his loudspeaker, echoing across the fields. Auctioneers have a real talent in using their voices.
storyboard of a farm auction
Woven through the auctioneers calls was the pungent smell of hotdogs and hamburgers sizzling on the grills. Farmers were everywhere. Many crowded around the small items set up on pallets being sold lickety split, others were checking out the large machinery, cattle pens, and flatdecks lined up with tools of all sorts. Despite a bit of cool wind, it was sunny and I could have hunkered down for a couple hours taking in all the goings-on. Instead, I poked around, took a few photos, and wandered back down the highway to my vehicle. The moment I arrived home, I downloaded the photos and sent some off to my editor. Rather pleased with myself … she bought one to appear in today’s newspaper.

Not bad for taking in a fun event.

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Marcie - May 12, 2010 - 11:43 am

Looks like such fun!! Wonderful series of images!!!

sherri - May 14, 2010 - 10:27 pm

I’ve been to quite a few farm auctions and also farm machinery auctions. They’re a sad event for me. I could always detect some of the farmers hanging around seeing their items auctioned off way below value. They had a sick look on their faces. I hope this one was more upbeat. You have some nice images here. Once again I like the first one best. That nearly always happens for me when you post multiple images.