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Yearly Archives: 2009

What Do You Believe In? … That You Can’t Prove?

I promised to answer that question and, since I’m taking a break from my heavy workload, now is a great time. When I took time to ponder my response, I came up with multiple responses but I’m going to share the response that first came to my mind. I believe in intuition especially mother’s intuition. […]

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CD Covers

Continuing from my previous post, I’m coming through by showing samples of the CD Covers I have been making. As many of you know, I don’t give high resolution photo files on CD (for very good reason). I do offer a low resolution file, not suitable for printing, but ideal for sharing images in blogs, […]

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I’m Swamped

But I don’t have a handy photo of a swamp. Since I took this the other day and since I’m feeling like a garlic snapper with the raw garlic I used in tonight’s dinner, this will have to do. Sorry I’ve been absent but I’ve been so incredibly busy. I had to phone and cancel […]

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Edmonton Wedding Sneak Peek {Grande Prairie, Alberta Photographer}

What a wonderful Saturday I enjoyed capturing this couple and their family in Edmonton. It was actually their 10th wedding anniversary and they renewed their wedding vows. What a beautiful and loving couple they are. Oh and two darling boys as well. Thank you Dave & Marcie for entrusting me to capture your special day. […]

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Back Next Week

It’s been an extremely busy week for me. Working on one client’s special requests, I had two very late nights and worked the entire day Saturday. Monday got off to a hectic start and things simply haven’t slowed down. I have an in-person meeting with another client this morning — she made my day yesterday […]

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Storyboard {Grande Prairie Photography}

I sure hope I get to photograph more cars in future. I enjoyed that photo shoot quite a lot. This is my first storyboard (made within Lightroom). It’s a 10 x 20 and will be finished with a linen texture and mounted on 2mm styrene for stability and ease of framing. Unfortunately, because the photo […]

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