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Photographing Dogs

Australian Shepherd by Diane Schuller dog photographer

As I anticipate the arrival of spring up here, I’m looking forward to the opportunity of photographing more dogs. Last year the most fun I had photographing dogs, besides with my own, was one afternoon when I met a client in Grande Prairie (the nearest small city an hour from where I live). I spent just over an hour photographing her dog, Henry. He was an absolute delight to work with and my client was pleased with the proofs (I wouldn’t want it any other way!), selecting and taking three of her favourites.


What are you looking forward to?

PS: I have updated my “Pets” online gallery by deleting the ones that were up before and replacing them with a fresh batch. Please take a look if you like. To view them (by Carousel, Slideshow, etc) and to change the background colour simply use the toolbar at the bottom of the gallery page. Enjoy!

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