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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Protecting Your Images Online

As many of you know, once you put your images online, you risk having them stolen by people who seem to think they are free. Some of these people help themselves to our photos for their blogs or websites and others are making money from them. We need to know how to protect our images. […]

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Valentine’s Day

Did you know Valentine’s Day dates back to pagan Roman ‘parties’ that involved activities you may find offensive. It’s surprising this Hallmark day had such crude roots. I much prefer to associate it with gentle and kind love.    According to National Geographic there is another legend about it’s roots: “According to the story, in […]

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Oh Deer

A pair of mule deer caught on our side road. Living where I do, meeting up with deer out in the open is a common occurence. What appears to be round white spots under their muzzles is really the frost from their breath. There is also a trail of their frosty breath along each deer’s […]

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Inside-Out Envelopes: “green” tip

Many of you know that I write a weekly environment column for a lifestyle newspaper here in Alberta. Each week I write about simple everyday things we can do to reduce our environmental footprint. About a year ago I mentioned that thanks to Junie Moon I learned another cool tip regarding envelopes. I’m going to […]

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Dancing into the Golden Years …

From yesterday’s snow fairies to love, pure and simple. Is that not the picture of love and joy? That man was smiling constantly as if he were already in heaven. I felt such joy and warmth just watching him. Tell me when you have seen or experienced such spontaneous joy and love. === “You can […]

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