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Valentine’s Day

Did you know Valentine’s Day dates back to pagan Roman ‘parties’ that involved activities you may find offensive. It’s surprising this Hallmark day had such crude roots. I much prefer to associate it with gentle and kind love.


from Diane Schuller to you and yours

from Diane Schuller to you and yours

 According to National Geographic there is another legend about it’s roots:

“According to the story, in the third century A.D. Roman Emperor Claudius II, seeking to bolster his army, forbade young men to marry. Valentine, it is said, flouted the ban, performing marriages in secret.

For his defiance, Valentine was executed in A.D. 270—on February 14, the story goes.”

Whether you celebrate the day in some way or not, may the weekend be filled with true and gentle love with friends, family, or getting to know your neighbours.

More Valentine factoids:


  • About 190 million cards are exchanged annually, making Valentine’s Day the second-most popular greeting-card giving occasion.
  • 65 percent of households send greeting cards on Valentine’s Day.
  • 73 percent of Valentine Day flowers are bought by men, while women buy 23 percent of Valentine flowers.

This year, I made my own Valentine card — well, two of them.

The next blog entry is all about protecting your online images from theft plus information on the correct and legal way to use online photographs.


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