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Inside-Out Envelopes: “green” tip


Many of you know that I write a weekly environment column for a lifestyle newspaper here in Alberta. Each week I write about simple everyday things we can do to reduce our environmental footprint. About a year ago I mentioned that thanks to Junie Moon I learned another cool tip regarding envelopes. I’m going to share that one here.

I do save envelopes and use them a second time to write down my grocery lists or for taking notes beside the phone, but I learned a couple of great tips about re-using commercial envelopes. You know those security envelopes we receive with coloured (often blue, sometimes green) abstract patterns on the inside? I learned that by turning them inside-out they can be re-used! And, if you look at the mosaic above you’ll see how unique the finished product looks.

HOW-TO:  Gently open up the seams of the envelope. Some envelopes will loosen easily with a letter opener or knife but others may need some coaxing with a bit of steam first to soften the glue. Turn the envelope inside out and re-glue the seams. To use it for mailing, simply affix a self-adhesive address label to write out the address. You can do the same with all the business reply envelopes you receive in the mail.

See, it’s easy and fun being green! Perhaps you may be inspired to write someone a letter or send them a couple photos. Do you have any tips for re-using envelopes or re-purposing envelopes?


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