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Natural light, camera, action …

Just a few old action shots for your enjoyment. Have an action-filled weekend!

{Austin, one of our Australian Shepherds. He is crazy about leaping after the snow! A little sepia version.}


{A mule deer escaping from a scary looking human dressed like the Goodyear blimp (me)! A bit of selective desaturation: deer left as-is but the background is black and white.}


{Pearl, our other Australian Shepherd, having a ball digging in the snow. Full colour.}


{I took this for a photo assignment last year to demonstrate use of low shutter speed to project the sense of speed to the viewer. I thought using the horses feeding in the background added to that.}



This weekend I plan to get into action too. No mouse-potato for me. It’s not going to be 25 to 35 below for a change! It’s actually supposed to go all the way up to minus 12-ish and I can hardly wait. My dogs will be thrilled too. Have a fun weekend!

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