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Inspired by the Past

Ever since I was young, I have been intrigued by photographs. When I was a little girl, the only photos I saw were black & white and a few were sepia. Photographs held my attention perhaps because they focused on the subject and not the colours. To this day, I’m still drawn to black & white photos, sepia photos, or those lovely aged and faded ancestors.

One of the beauties of digital photography is the ability to do our own processing. I have had Photoshop for a while using it to add my copyright or to do some minor post-processing. This past year I finally purchased Lightroom 2 and have been thoroughly enjoying learning the software but the best part has been seeing what I’m capable of doing with my photographs. The software is so logical and easy to work with. It’s like going back to film and doing my own adjustments in a dark room — only easier and more fun!

The best part of all is that when I want colour, there it is.


When I want black and white, I can have that too.


Or, if I want a degree of sepia, voila!


I didn’t add a link in this post, but you’ll likely notice I’ve been doing a fair amount of black and white photos over at my Flickr site. Feel free to check them out. Now I think I’ll go pore over one of my Ansel Adams books!

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun!” ~ Mary Lou Cook, calligrapher / author.

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