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Shifting Landscape of our Life

They’re lonely these days since I pick up my camera far more often than I type out strings of words.


This year I’ve been concentrating on my photography plus the planning and then the launching of my photography as a business. In doing so, my freelance writing has been drastically reduced — by design. The last major article I have written is soon to be released in Dogs In Canada magazine’s December 2008 issue. It’s an article I did based on an interview with musician and activist Matthew Good.

I continue to write a weekly environment column, “Everyday Earth Wise,” for Grande Prairie Ink!, a local lifestyle newspaper. Yes, the environment is another of my passions. I’ve been green for decades, before it was ever cool to be green.

As we go through life, the landscape of our life shifts, changes, and moves in different directions. Have you found your passions have shifted? Or perhaps you’ve finally followed a lifetime passion? Tell me about it, or if you’ve written a post about it, leave a link in the comments so we can read about the shifts in the landscape of your life.


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