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Giving Thanks

My mother died a year and a half ago and I’m still mourning her. I’m so grateful to have some snapshots of her but in her final year I felt afraid to take photos of her. She knew she was dying. I felt she may feel uncomfortable that it was like a souvenir or that I was taking it because her time was near. It was important for me to honour her feelings and so didn’t take my camera when I’d drive to the city where she lived.

There’s a song by Jim Croce, “Photographs and Memories”. We all remember the moments when those photographs were taken, going back in time to experience it again in our mind. Replay the moment.


My loving, gentle mom and her second great granddaughter

snapshot taken by another family member: My loving, gentle mom and her second great granddaughter



When I was little, I remember how she’d hold me, rub her hand over mine, look me in the eye. In this photo that someone else took of my Mom she is holding her second great granddaughter. She held me that same loving way. I’m grateful to have had a mother who loved me so much she allowed me to find my own way, to guide me when I was going off track, to hold me when I needed to be held, to encourage me always. She was gentle, kind to a fault, and had the most amazing giggle.

Stephanie Roberts of Little Purple Cow Photography is doing a series called “Giving Thanks”. She has called upon anyone else who would care to join in giving thanks as she is doing for 10 days. I may not post each day though couldn’t allow today to go by without giving thanks to the one person in my life who has meant the most to me — and still does.

Our Thanksgiving is long past but any day is a good day to give thanks. I’d love to read about who or what you give thanks for today.

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