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Using My Images

I feel art is meant for everyone to view which is why I am willing to post my images online. BUT, I feel very strongly that if you wish to use any of my images, you should do the right thing. It’s simple and here’s how:

My images are licensed under the Creative Commons License (attribution, non-commercial)

1.  Attribution:  You can share, copy, use any image you see here.  Attribution MUST be given by using, “Diane M Schuller Photographs” along with each image.  I would appreciate the courtesy of sending me a note to let me know where it appears  (easily done by using either “contact” method on this website).

2.  Non-Commercial:  Images cannot be used for commercial purposes under any circumstances.  Commercial usage is defined as “primarily intended for commercial advantage or monetary gain.”

3.  Images must not be altered in any manner whatsoever.

Thank you kindly for doing the right thing.

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