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Who Is Coming to Dinner?

I just read an article that stated the case about dinner parties now being a thing of the past. Really? Say it isn’t so. Now that we have moved out of rural isolation and are again living in a lively urban area, I am thrilled to itty bits to be able to have dinner parties. […]

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TIPS: Planning a Wedding?

Earlier this week I shared two tips for those are are planning a wedding but I posted them over at Facebook and forgot to share them here! So, for any of you who are planning a wedding or know someone who is planning a wedding in the near future, send them here for these great […]

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Photographers: How to Approach Strangers

The first time I pointed my camera at a stranger and clicked the shutter, I simultaneously began to perspire and a feeling of near-panic came over me. I wondered if the person would stomp over and smash my camera, or scream at me, or who-knows-what. Well none of those things happened and I’m now more […]

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Inside-Out Envelopes: “green” tip

Many of you know that I write a weekly environment column for a lifestyle newspaper here in Alberta. Each week I write about simple everyday things we can do to reduce our environmental footprint. About a year ago I mentioned that thanks to Junie Moon I learned another cool tip regarding envelopes. I’m going to […]

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