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Photographic Art with a Rural Theme

A few images from earlier this year. Since so many of my recent posts are wildlife or horses, I thought I’d shake it up with a little something different although all three are in a rural theme. I hope you enjoy. For those who are interested in my weekly environment column. Here is a link […]

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Easy Going Autumn Days

Autumn is definitely one of my favourite times of year.  With a little extra time on my hands this past week, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying getting out and photographing for the fun of it. There is a magnificent old horse barn I’ve driven past and have always thought how I’d love to take some photographs. […]

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My Neck of the Woods :: 3

Today’s installment will be a bit shorter but I have a trio of photos for you. The next set will likely be more images of the village where I get my mail. For today, I’m sticking quite close to home. This was taken day before yesterday. These are black poplars which grow like weeds up […]

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My Neck of the Woods :: 2

Although this is my business photo journal, here’s the second installment for my new personal project, My Neck of the Woods, that I began last week. Since these photos were not taken this week, they are almost ‘out of date’ because of how much the surroundings have changed. Right now, instead of green trees, they’re […]

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An Evening of Fun with a Couple Outside Grande Prairie

Since July and August were extremely busy for me, I missed posting several previews. All of the clients have received all their proofs but since I was concentrating on keeping my head above water with the workload, preview posts really did get set by the wayside. One couple I photographed last month were such a […]

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On the Farm

“The fence that makes good neighbors needs a gate to make good friends” ~ Anonymous Think of all the beauty that’s still left in and around you and be happy! ~ Anne Frank Check out some of the previous posts — especially the last one with some lovely canine photos. ~ ~ ~ Photographs Never […]

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