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Autumn Wedding Bells from Jubilee Park, Grande Prairie

Weddings are fun to photograph and I know how excited the brides & grooms are for each wedding to see their photos afterward. I’ve been very neglectful in getting images up this year. Here are just a few from a colourful September wedding photographed in Jubilee Park in Grande Prairie here in Alberta. This couple […]

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Economical Portraits: Storyboards

Storyboards are one of my favourite boutique items that I love to put together for clients. Besides the enjoyment I get creating them, they are a very economical way of having a beautiful portrait for the wall of your home or office. With storyboards there are so many different combinations in terms of design. The […]

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I Don’t Hang Babies :: Grande Prairie Custom Photographer

Many of you, especially my clients, are well aware of my stance on photographing newborns as well as older babies. To repeat what I quote on my website and here on my photo journal, “If you’re interested in things like … hanging newborns in nets … I’m probably not the photographer for you.” There is […]

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Why I Love Albums

We live in a digital world but that doesn’t mean there is less value in having albums. In the past couple months I have conducted a poll and also have been asking the question to people about whether or not they get their digital images printed. I was shocked at how many people not only […]

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