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This is just to say

One of my favourite poets is William Carlos Williams and one of my all-time favourite poems is his, “This is just to say”. It’s a favourite of millions or billions of others. Here’s a copy of the poem with my own ‘poem’ beneath his ‘talking back to it’ and using his as a model. This […]

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Of Course it Hurts …

Of course it hurts when buds burst. Otherwise why would spring hesitate? Why would all our fervent longing be bound in the frozen bitter haze? The bud was the casing all winter. What is this new thing, which consumes and bursts? Of course it hurts when buds burst, pain for that which grows and for […]

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At Table

“One of the delights of life is eating with friends, …” ~Laurie Colwin Don’t you love the sight of a table set for dinner, in expectation of friends and dinner to come? I’ve always enjoyed setting a pretty table as I’m preparing for guests, whether it’s family or friends. Once the final touches of pretty […]

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I have more photos of the Trumpeter Swans we encountered on Wednesday’s road trip. Today I’ve played around with the images a bit. Normally, other than the occasional adjustment on contrast or perhaps on the brightness, I tend to offer up my images as they are. I’ll explain what I’ve done to the ones I’ve […]

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