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To the Gallery Then Back to My Yard

As I mentioned earlier, my first photographic gallery show is NOW ON in Beaverlodge, Alberta at the Beaverlodge Cultural Centre. I have nineteen photos featured and thought I’d give you a sneak peek. I didn’t have my camera bag when I took these during my opening, so didn’t have the correct lens for my camera. […]

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Designed by Time

I was on vacation in Victoria, BC when I took these photos. I was meandering, taking in the intriguing sites and architectural details. The window is a very old building at the harbour and obviously once opened up from an active place of commerce. It’s now more decorative than functional. Numerous buildings had beautifully detailed […]

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CD Covers

Continuing from my previous post, I’m coming through by showing samples of the CD Covers I have been making. As many of you know, I don’t give high resolution photo files on CD (for very good reason). I do offer a low resolution file, not suitable for printing, but ideal for sharing images in blogs, […]

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A Different Perspective

  Diane is an on-location lifestyle photographer based from Grande Prairie serving all points in Alberta and northern BC. Visit Diane Schuller Photography.

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Tulips n’ Dandelions

My tulips are blooming! Yes, finally my tulips are blooming and so are the dandelions. It just so happens, I don’t mind dandelions. In fact, I like them (hence my logo). If, unlike me, you do mind dandelions, I wrote about controlling dandelions in my last week’s environment column for Grande Prairie Ink! You can […]

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Succession, in the Cemetery

sere  |s?(?)r| |s??|noun. Ecology, a natural succession of plant (or animal) communities, esp. a full series from uncolonized habitat to the appropriate climax vegetation. Compare with succession. ORIGIN early 20th cent.: from Latin serere ‘join in a series.’ While visiting my mom in the cemetery on Sunday.   Diane is an on-location lifestyle photographer serving Grande Prairie and Edmonton, Alberta. Visit Diane Schuller Photography.

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