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For the Weekend

(sorry only the text portion of this post remains; photographs have been removed) A few posts ago, I shared a photo of a novel I was reading, Resistance. It was excellent! and I highly recommend it — actually anything by Anita Shreve is well worth reading. Currently my bookmark is resting between the pages of […]

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I Heart Reading

I definitely recommend this novel whether for yourself or as a gift, Resistance by Anita Shreve Who are your favourite heroes (heroines) in fiction? This is one of the questions posed by CBC in their version of Proust’s Questionnaire. One day I would love to play the questionnaire and respond to each question. In the […]

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Get Fired Up!

Earlier today I stopped in at my friend Karen’s place to pick up two autographed copies of her most recent novel, Summer of Fire. I have two teenage nieces that we’ll be seeing on Christmas Eve and wanted to have a gift for each of them. I immediately knew I’d give them each a copy […]

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