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Photographs never forget

I’m definitely on a roll with getting as many of my unprinted photos off the computer and in print. I write about it frequently here on my blog and the most recent of those posts showed the photo books I created as a gift for my grand daughters — by the way, the photo books were […]

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Pockets of happy moments

Simple things remind us of happy moments and childhood times. Carry them in your pocket or have a place where you can be a kid again. Going to a playground, or childhood swimming hole, or a swing, or playing a certain game, or [insert your happy place]. Although not verbatim, this is essentially what I […]

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unknown blessings

Everyone has a story. I’ve always believed that. A neighbour in our community whom I hadn’t spoken to other than a quick “hi” in passing is one of those who has an interesting story. Recently he told my husband he had to put down his 16 year old dog so when I saw him a […]

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Christmas memory

Photo credit: Provincial Archives of Alberta, BL1243/2 — Eaton’s Santa Claus Parade, Edmonton Alberta I remember when Mom used to take me to Eatons. We never had much money but Christmas is when we would go. Everyone was always dressed up in those days (the 1950’s), even if we didn’t have a lot of money. Men […]

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Why You Need to Print Your Photos … today

Why you need to print your photos … today: “An image in hand can touch your heart more deeply than an image on a computer screen. Printed photographs are gifts.” ~Meredith Wynn Computers fail. Hard drives crash. USB sticks and DVDs can and do corrupt. Even back-up discs can die or fail. Technology changes. Most […]

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The Story of the Piano Men

Last time I promised to share the story about moving the piano. Before I forget — the story and to share it with you — imagine this: The Piano movers who delivered my new piano have since retired so I asked the good people where I had purchased the piano, who they might recommend. There’s […]

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