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Observe and Revel

Let’s revel in our numbered days on a turning earth. I’ve always been an observer. Even as a little girl I remember paying very close attention to my environment, whether it was the details on a blanket; how threads are woven together in cloth; how raindrops seem to simply roll on smooth surfaces; how insects […]

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Happy Thanksgiving

This weekend is Thanksgiving and I’m wishing you all a weekend filled with great times with family & friends, bountiful meals, and much to be thankful for. Among the many things I’m thankful for include: my family every friend — especially those who really come through when I least expect it good health living in […]

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Colour and Sunshine :: Grande Prairie Custom Photographer

It’s been a very stressful week and it really didn’t need to be. So I’m taking some of my backyard sunshine and sharing it with you. How does that feel? I hope your weekend is light as this butterfly’s wings, as colourful as the clothes hanging on my line, and as sweet as the market […]

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What Do You Believe In? … That You Can’t Prove?

I promised to answer that question and, since I’m taking a break from my heavy workload, now is a great time. When I took time to ponder my response, I came up with multiple responses but I’m going to share the response that first came to my mind. I believe in intuition especially mother’s intuition. […]

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Pride in Workmanship

One of my mother’s legacies is definitely that she taught me to have pride in everything I do, whether it was doing the laundry or managing a career. I’ve lived my life that way, in the same manner that she set the example for me to follow. One of the reasons I have a fascination […]

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