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Amazing Night Sky (Space Shuttle & Cygnus Bubble)

I thought I was seeing things. I was about to slide into bed after being up late working on some images from a photo shoot when I saw it. It was an oblong bubble hanging in the eastern night sky. Surely I was seeing things, I thought. Once in bed, that bubble shone through the […]

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It Doesn’t Seem Right

It doesn’t seem right for there to be cloudy skies, or days of sadness … why doesn’t sadness fall away or evaporate like summer rain? It doesn’t seem right. (And still being very unwell with this heavy flu simply doesn’t seem right either!) Looking for brighter days, brighter skies, and feeling well hopefully soon. Since […]

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What we hear

  This week I heard: the return of the crows, “caw, caw”; the dark-eyed juncos (I haven’t seen them yet but I hear them); coyotes howling and yodeling each day and night; an owl hooting outside our bedroom window in the middle of the night; “Green onions” by Booker T and the MG’s … man […]

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Photographing Dogs

As I anticipate the arrival of spring up here, I’m looking forward to the opportunity of photographing more dogs. Last year the most fun I had photographing dogs, besides with my own, was one afternoon when I met a client in Grande Prairie (the nearest small city an hour from where I live). I spent […]

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