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A Different Perspective

  Diane is an on-location lifestyle photographer based from Grande Prairie serving all points in Alberta and northern BC. Visit Diane Schuller Photography.

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An Ordinary Day

Kelly from Design Ties and I had an email discussion about a week ago in which I wrote that I’m a bit tired of flower photos. I love flowers and I’ve taken hundreds-upon-hundreds of photos of them. But right now, I’m just not at all inspired by flowers. In fact, my tulips are blooming this […]

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Succession, in the Cemetery

sere  |s?(?)r| |s??|noun. Ecology, a natural succession of plant (or animal) communities, esp. a full series from uncolonized habitat to the appropriate climax vegetation. Compare with succession. ORIGIN early 20th cent.: from Latin serere ‘join in a series.’ While visiting my mom in the cemetery on Sunday.   Diane is an on-location lifestyle photographer serving Grande Prairie and Edmonton, Alberta. Visit Diane Schuller Photography.

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Cupcake & Spring

Flirt’s “Fantasy Island”: with light lemon icing & smothered in coconut I promised more cupcakes from Flirt plus I thought I’d also share a few thoughts on spring north of 55. In the blog world and on Flickr photos, everyone has been posting scads of photos indicative of their individual signs of spring — and […]

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Hey There Cupcake!

I told you in the last post this would be much more delightful! How’s a cupcake in natural light grab you? I found this amazing place on my recent trip to Edmonton, Alberta: “Flirt Cupcakes”. It’s a darling little spot on Whyte Avenue (a great place for people watching, nifty boutiques & stores, coffee houses, […]

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