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Night time stroll

I had an urge to dig out some night images from the archives. I have oodles of them but I don’t believe I’ve ever posted one. Silly. Nothing like a nighttime stroll to give you ideas. ~J.K. Rowling I’ve purchased some books on how to watercolour and am finding them far superior to the course […]

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Pet Photo Contest

Here it is at long last. The pet contest I’ve been writing about but had to delay until today. Since many of you have waited so long, let’s jump right in and get started. Here’s the scoop. ELIGIBILITY: Everyone, no matter where you are located. For this contest “pet” shall refer to a Dog, Cat, […]

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Important Enough to Remember

As a photographer who works with people as well as people and their pets, my focus is on capturing their ‘story’ to provide a recording of that time in their life. I just read an important blog post by another photographer that completely blew me away. PhotoDino’s post entitled, “You Get What You Give” set […]

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Cappuccino at Credo

Every morning I make a fresh cup of cappuccino for my  husband and myself. It’s a ritual we’ve been enjoying for at least 15 years. Each morning we sit with our cappuccino and chat for up to an hour before he heads off to work. Then I make my way to my  home office and […]

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Looking for the Perfect Gift?

Or at least one they won’t return? Custom modern portraiture is the answer. Whatever your story is, Diane Schuller will reveal a chapter in your life through custom images. When you purchase a Diane Schuller photographic session as a gift, the end result will be an invaluable personal work of art for the heart and […]

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