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Dog & Pet Photographer :: Grande Prairie and beyond

I had some very willing canine models on Thursday. What a delightful way to spend part of an afternoon. The light was just how I like it too. Seems they were most interested in playtime — look at that snow fly! It’s like watching toddlers at play! = = = Diane specializes in photographing dogs, […]

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Project 365 Day in the Life

A few days ago, after reading a poignant post over at Shutter Sisters, I made the decision to begin my own 365 project. For the photographers who pop by and visit here, you’ll all know what a 365 project is, but for others here is the simple explanation of what it’s about. A 365 project […]

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Dogs Take Over the Opening of this post

(okay, so I get desperate for titles!) … Our aging Springer Spaniel Maggie had surgery on her eye this week. Good old Pearl went immediately into protection mode the moment I brought Maggie home from the animal hospital. That was a few days ago and all is well and normal again. (This photo is neither […]

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Dog Gone Fun in a field an hour from Grande Prairie

If I were to try and put a caption to this photo of an 8 year old puppy it might go something like, “Is that my youth down in there somewhere?” Next post is a pictorial of Rocky Mountain Sheep I encountered a few weeks ago. ~~ Diane is an experienced dog, pet, & horse […]

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Those Poor Cold Suffering Dogs

If you’re a regular visitor, you’ll know the reason why I’m not posting as often as I usually have been. Due to a shoulder injury, my posts have necessarily become quite infrequent. I just returned from a trip to see my dad. I was unable to be at he grand opening of the new airport […]

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All Things Great and Small

… with a nod to James Herriot’s book of a similar title. This weekend we spent a great deal of time outdoors, cutting down perennials, walking the dogs, and a few photo lessons for my husband. He’s heading out in a couple weeks for his vacation and wanted me to teach him how to use […]

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