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Coffee, Tea and the Environment

As most of you are aware, I write a weekly newspaper column dedicated to simple things each of us can do to reduce our impact on the environment, “Everyday Earth Wise”. Once it has been in print, the newspaper archives each column online. Since coffee and tea are such common hot beverages that most North […]

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Alberta Winter

One thing about living in Alberta, the winters may be cold but the sun shines! I received a lovely note in the mail today. Serge Gouraud had contacted me about a year ago wanting to purchase or license one of my photographs. Today he wanted me to see the launch of his new website, complete […]

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Commercial Photography :: Product Photography

As Diane’s tag line goes, Photographs Never Forget! Diane is in the business of photography and with her solid business background is well aware of the power of photographs to represent and promote your business. If you’re looking for a reliable experienced photographer, contact Diane for any commercial photography needs. From oil rigs to coffee […]

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I Heart Reading

I definitely recommend this novel whether for yourself or as a gift, Resistance by Anita Shreve Who are your favourite heroes (heroines) in fiction? This is one of the questions posed by CBC in their version of Proust’s Questionnaire. One day I would love to play the questionnaire and respond to each question. In the […]

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Food for the Soul

After making a vegetarian meal tonight (no I’m not vegetarian; just love vegetables) of curried tofu and vegetables, I thought it might make a tasty post. So here are a few recent food photos to titillate your taste buds. Beginning with tonight’s meal of curried tofu & vegetables that I served on Basmati rice, topped […]

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Yukon Gold, Pomme de terre

These ‘apples of the earth’, pomme de terre, are freshly dug from my garden. Yukon Gold are absolutely my favourite potato. They’re ideal baked, boiled or fried. They have a lovely almost nutty flavour and I love the consistency — they’re never gummy or mushy. I’ve always enjoyed digging up potatoes. That’s never been a […]

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