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Home Again

Two weeks. So much happens, changes, and shifts in a two week period. I’m back home and at work but seem overwhelmed with the amount of catching up I have to embark upon. My trip was both business and personal but ended up being fully rejuvenating. Now that I’m back home, I surely do hope […]

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Designed by Time

I was on vacation in Victoria, BC when I took these photos. I was meandering, taking in the intriguing sites and architectural details. The window is a very old building at the harbour and obviously once opened up from an active place of commerce. It’s now more decorative than functional. Numerous buildings had beautifully detailed […]

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Another Online Feature

This is so exciting. Yesterday afternoon I received an email from Kari over at Mod-Dog advising me that my dog & pet photography is being featured at Snap. I have two posts sitting at the starting gate reading to roll out but simply had to delay the starting pistol for those two posts to insert […]

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