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  • Welcome to my photo journal

    Living on Vancouver Island in B.C. Canada Diane loves the scent of forests and rain, the rhythms of the sea, and holds discoveries and stories in high regard.

    Where mornings begin with a drum roll! --Diane M Schuller

    Updated on random Mondays ... simply an online journal of an ordinary life. Come on in to enjoy a breath of West Coast air.

    Getting Behind

    Partly because I have finally found the ideal site for posting a-photo-a-day photoblog but also because I have so many other responsibilities (not to mention several dog walks each day :-)), I’m falling behind.

    I’ll be unavailable all day tomorrow and, as usual, I seldom go on the computer over the weekend. So I wanted to wish everyone an enjoyable weekend. May you have fun times with family and friends and may you be rejuvenated in whatever you do.


    For those who have asked, my new photoblog is going to be a permanent installment but I must admit it’s much easier than blogging because I can post several photos in advance and it automatically posts them without me even being on the computer — talk about convenience! So, I will continue with this blog though my time spent blogging may be less than it has been. (I’ve also had a lot of Internet problems lately — very slow and lots of crashes.)

    Enjoy your weekend everyone!

    PS: For those who are interested in checking out this great photoblog community or perhaps in starting your own photoblog, visit Aminus3. I love the format and that it has specifically been created to showcase photographs.

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    A few things about me

    I write; I photograph; I’m a wife, mother & grandmother; I love tasty food and make lots by scratch; I care a lot for the environment and nature; so I love animals; I love morning & evening light; gentle breezes; the best wine; the rhythms of the sea; the scent of water; and laughter.

    I’m inspired by Life’s Sweet Ordinary — the simple things life has to offer.

    It’s such a pleasure having you stop by. Make yourself at home, take a look around, read a bit, and I hope you’ll leave me a note so I know you were here and what you think. Like many of you, I have opinions and musings on a diverse range of subjects, some of which I include throughout the blog along with my photographic endeavours. I encourage you to leave comments on anything you see or read here. It’s so nice having you stop in! And, tell a friend about Life’s Sweet Ordinary too!

    The Main Show: Diane’s Website showcasing everything from people, pets, livestock, flowers, events, and other interesting subjects.


    Diane’s Online Photo Gallery (it is advised to use the “Slideshow” button found at that bottom of the page in each category for enhanced viewing)

    Dog’s Naturally — Taking dog guardianship seriously and responsibly.

    Shutter Sisters — for inspiration

    Diane’s Wish List – I see others share their wish list so thought I’d share mine as well


    Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time.” ~Motto of the Baltimore Grotto, a caving society

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    America, America

    Today is when the world stands together, in the light, to see what we thought we’d never see, and when we all unite behind the new President of the United States of America. Perfection does not come easily or by wishing, but when everyone stands together, positive change occurs.


    “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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    Part one January 20th

    Today is all about organizing and clean up. 

    I have finally found a suitable online showcase for my photos. I’ve mentioned before how limiting this blog is in terms of size of photo that is allowed. When the photos are compressed to such a small size, so much detail is lost. For anyone who visits here especially to view my photos, I have just registered for a new Photoblog. At the new photoblog, my photos most days will not be accompanied by words, except for the occasional quote. You will notice the photos themselves at the photoblog are larger in format so won’t be as flat as they appear here. Unlike this one, the photoblog will feature a single new photo each day.

    Some of you are already aware of my online gallery at my website. I’ve been adding to that gallery and changing things around a bit lately. If you wish to visit my website gallery, for best viewing each time you enter a ‘room’ (category) I highly recommend you click the “Slideshow” button located at the bottom of your screen. You’ll see a great difference by viewing them that way rather than by the small thumbnails.

    Whether visiting here, the new Photoblog, or my website gallery, each one has simple one-click availability to subscribe to updates through RSS (whether in your reader or direct to your email). I’ve recently learned how to use RSS to subscribe to blogs (I know, must be the dinosaur in me!) and what a great convenience.

    I’ve been doing a lot of reorganization lately and that includes my home office. It feels so good to have completely revamped my office and get things off the floor and up where they’re accessible! Have you been organizing, reorganizing, or do you have general organization tips you’d like to share?

    {PS: This is post 1 of 2 for today. With the Presidential Inauguration today down in the USA, I can’t possibly let that historical day go by without a second post dedicated to this momentous occasion in history.}

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    The Whole Story Doesn’t Show

    morning sun flare


    There is a quote I used for one of my Flickr photos a short time ago that lingers around me like the scent of burning wood curling and wafting in the cold winter air:

    “I prefer winter and fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape – the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show.” ~Andrew Wyeth

    There are so many ways a person can interpret it. We can take it literally knowing that beneath that comforter of snow is a plethora of plant life and other organisms waiting to emerge at the first signs of spring; each with its own story. Then again we could think of it perhaps as a person cocooned in their home or within their personal life. Likely ignored or shunned by others because of that isolation yet yearning to come out, to live, to be alive. Perhaps there’s a deeper reason for their isolation. I know, I can relate to each scenario.

    This weekend, phone someone who doesn’t get out much or at all. Or perhaps there’s a senior citizen (related or not) who hasn’t been out of their residence in some time. Take that person out and talk to them, do something together. You’ll be surprised what you will gain as a result and what story you may uncover. At the very least you’ll add some much needed light to another’s day that will linger for them for days to come.


    Discover what the story is. Let the story show.

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