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    Living on Vancouver Island in B.C. Canada Diane loves the scent of forests and rain, the rhythms of the sea, and holds discoveries and stories in high regard.

    Where mornings begin with a drum roll! --Diane M Schuller

    Updated on random Mondays ... simply an online journal of an ordinary life. Come on in to enjoy a breath of West Coast air.

    Dancing into the Golden Years …

    From yesterday’s snow fairies to love, pure and simple.elderly dancers

    Is that not the picture of love and joy? That man was smiling constantly as if he were already in heaven. I felt such joy and warmth just watching him. Tell me when you have seen or experienced such spontaneous joy and love.


    “You can dance anywhere, even if only in your heart.”  ~Author Unknown

    “Dancing faces you towards Heaven, whichever direction you turn.”  ~Sweetpea Tyler


    If it’s photos you’re interested in, please visit my one-a-day photos

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    A quote that knocked my socks off so I wanted to share it with you.


    Hold on to what is good, even if it is a handful of earth.

    Hold on to what you believe, even if it is a tree which stands alone.

    Hold on to what you must do, even if it is a long way from here.

    Pueblo Verse

    Copyright © Diane Schuller

    nature opens her arms :: Copyright © Diane Schuller

    I finally have my Internet problems solved and will be ready with a post or two in another day or so. Lots to write about, just a shortage of time.

    Until my next post please tell me if this quote resonates with you and in what way. I look forward to your notes.

    PS: A wee reminder that I have managed to begin participating in the Shutter Sisters One Word project. Here are my first few images that are inspired by my chosen word, Open.

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    One Word February: Open

    OWP badge

    There’s an exciting challenge over at one of my favourite places, Shutter Sisters. There is a photo challenge I plan to participate in for the month of February. The idea is to choose a single word, live by it, and photograph images during the month that speak to you of that chosen word. My word is “Open” and beneath my reason for selecting this word is everything you could possibly want to know about that word (source: Merriam-Webster). I don’t expect you to read the entire harangue about the word — I’ve included it purely for whimsey. Wish me luck because there is a prize for this that I would LOVE to earn. There are some really talented and amazing photographers who will be participating and I look forward to enjoying their images — you will too.

    During the month of February I plan to be open in my mind’s eye, in my heart, and in my observations. Each day I will be open to seeing what is around me; open to uncovering and opening old wounds if that is necessary; open to seeing the truth; to opening new doors whether real or metaphorical; open to what’s beneath my feet and soaring above my head; open to new images and perspectives; and open to whatever comes my way. If you care to follow along, I will add a few of the images here but since the images need to be posted in the Shutter Sisters Flickr group I’ll direct you to my Flickr account. Each one I enter will have the header, “OPEN”.


    Open Door by Diane Schuller

    Open Door by Diane Schuller

    open |??p?n|adjectiveallowing access, passage, or a view through an empty space; not closed or blocked up it was a warm evening and the window was open the door was wide open.
    • (of a container) not fastened or sealed; in a position or with the lid or other covering in a position allowing access to the inside part or the contents the case burst open and its contents flew all over the place.
    • (of a garment or its fasteners) not buttoned or fastened his tie was knotted below the open collar of his shirt.
    • (of the mouth or eyes) with lips or lids parted his eyes were open but he could see nothing.
    • free from obstructions the pass is kept open all year by snowplows.
    • informal (of a car or house) unlocked.
    • Phonetics (of a vowel) produced with a relatively wide opening of the mouth and the tongue kept low.
    • Phonetics (of a syllable) ending in a vowel.
    • (of the bowels) not constipated.
    • (of a game or style of play) characterized by action that is spread out over the field.
    [ attrib. exposed to the air or to view; not covered an open fire burned in the grate.
    • (of an area of land) not covered with buildings or trees increasing numbers of new houses in open countryside.
    • having spaces or gaps between elements air circulates more readily through an open tree.
    • (of a fabric) loosely knitted or woven.
    • (of a team member in a game) unguarded and therefore able to receive a pass the trick is spreading the defense so that at least one receiver gets open.
    • (of a goalmouth or other object of attack in a game) unprotected; vulnerable.
    • (of a boat) without a deck days without food and water in an open boat.
    • [ predic. ( open to) likely to suffer from or be affected by; vulnerable or subject to the system is open to abuse.
    • (of a town or city) officially declared to be undefended, and so immune under international law from bombardment.
    • with the outer edges or sides drawn away from each other; unfoldedthe trees had buds and a few open flowers.
    • (of a book or file) with the covers parted or the contents in view, allowing it to be read she was copying verses from an open Bible figurativeher mind was an open book to him.
    • (of a hand) not clenched into a fist.
    • [as complement damaged or injured by a deep cut in the surface :he had his arm slashed open.

    open up begin shooting the enemy artillery had opened up.open something up 
    accelerate a motor vehicle. 
    (of an athlete or team) create an advantage for one’s side he opened up a lead of 14–8.DERIVATIVES
    openable |?o?p(?)n?b?l| adjectiveopenness |?o?p?n?n?s| |???p(?)nn?s| noun
    ORIGIN Old English open (adjective), openian (verb), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch open and German offen, from the root of the adverb up .
    PS: A great big nod to Liss in Australia over at A Memory Forever for her kind heart in recognizing this blog. Despite my Internet problems I will try to carry it forward very soon. Liss has some beautiful children, is full of creativity, and you’ll enjoy the photos she takes of her children and their life.

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    "Camouflage" -- Copyright © Diane Schuller

    "Camouflage" -- Copyright © Diane Schuller

    I’m having a more difficult time hitting pay dirt than this determined woodpecker! I’ve strugged with my Internet connection trying to create a post yet keep getting kicked back every time I try. Where I live, high speed Internet is not available. After a few years of frustration on dial-up I learned about these great little “air cards” that work on cell phone technology. So, in essence, as long as a person is able to get cell phone coverage, plugging this little air card into my computer allows me to access the ‘net through the cell phone lines. It’s been similar to high speed but in recent weeks I’m having no end of problems. I don’t know if it’s the extreme cold weather causing interference or if there is too much ‘traffic’ in my area. Anyway, enough of these silly technicalities. I hope everyone had a tremendous weekend whether it was full of fun and relaxation or busy with friends and family.

    For those of you who don’t live north of 49, I thought I’d share this little ditty with you from north of 55. As you know we had had quite a cold snap for a while until a bit of recent moderation. The cold snap returned like a savage beast this weekend. Friday the weather here hovered in the 26 to 28 degree below zero range, then on Saturday morning it was 41 below zero and that’s before any windchill. I think it was a few degrees warmer in the city an hour south of us, but it was pipe-freezing cold this weekend. Fortunately the weather is relaxing today so the mercury, although at minus 30 right now, is rumoured to climb all the way up to minus 11 today. Won’t that by nice?

    Today my post is far too chatty and really doesn’t have a lot of (any) substance. I have to finish up my environment column and get it to my editor so I’ll leave you with a great pair of quotes to get you thinking about the environment.

    We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.  ~Native American Proverb

    Take nothing but pictures.

    Leave nothing but footprints.

    Kill nothing but time.

    ~Motto of the Baltimore Grotto, a caving society

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