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Shifting Landscape of our Life

They’re lonely these days since I pick up my camera far more often than I type out strings of words. This year I’ve been concentrating on my photography plus the planning and then the launching of my photography as a business. In doing so, my freelance writing has been drastically reduced — by design. The […]

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Picture This

One of the things I love photographing are animals, whether domestic or wild. I’ve mentioned before how much I appreciate that animals live in the moment so they’re not worried about how they look, what angle you’re wanting, or whether their hair is mussed! This lovely gal didn’t have to worry about mussed hair did […]

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How many of you actually remember that soft drink? I was never one for soft drinks but, as a kid, I always loved their logo. Speaking of logo, I finally have a logo for my photography business. I likely won’t begin using it on my photos and adding it here until next week (need to […]

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Photography Tip: Bargain Photos for Christmas

This is such a great bargain, I have to share with everyone. It’s also time limited so you’ll need to order right away if you’re interested. Here’s the direct quote taken from Kodak.com for your information:   Offer expires 11/27/08. Enter Coupon Code at checkout to redeem. One coupon redemption per customer. Receive 50 free […]

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You Could Win One of These

As promised, here’s your opportunity to win an 8 x 10 of one of my prints. I’ve struggled for the past year deciding whether or not to set up shop at Etsy. The main thing that has held me back is the time involved in responding to any orders, packaging, and getting things off to […]

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