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Giving Thanks

My mother died a year and a half ago and I’m still mourning her. I’m so grateful to have some snapshots of her but in her final year I felt afraid to take photos of her. She knew she was dying. I felt she may feel uncomfortable that it was like a souvenir or that […]

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Still Photography

The first thing that likely comes to mind when you hear the term still photography is photos of inanimate objects that are not live subjects, such as food, ornaments, furniture, and all manner of a world of objects. The weather-worn dove gracing the top of a gravestone that I shot below is a prime example […]

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November in Black and White

I love challenges and calls to action. They get me working harder, thinking more, experimenting more. And I’m a firm believer that the more a person experiments, the further ahead we get in a particular endeavour. So, to take up Springtree Road’s challenge, here are my first November offerings in black and white. These were […]

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An Apple of an Idea

You know there are some real advantages to working from home. One advantage are the obligatory breaks outdoors to walk my three dogs — actually they walk me. It gets me away from the computer and outdoors where I can take in all the natural beauty that surrounds us. When the dogs get me outside […]

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Life laughing at us …

When taking photos of pets or livestock, one of the challenges is as simple as catching them at the right moment. Often that means following along walking, half-jogging, and with the lens stuck firmly in front of your face!    That way, when the dog or dogs are in a position you think works,  you’re […]

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