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One Word February: Open

There’s an exciting challenge over at one of my favourite places, Shutter Sisters. There is a photo challenge I plan to participate in for the month of February. The idea is to choose a single word, live by it, and photograph images during the month that speak to you of that chosen word. My word […]

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  I’m having a more difficult time hitting pay dirt than this determined woodpecker! I’ve strugged with my Internet connection trying to create a post yet keep getting kicked back every time I try. Where I live, high speed Internet is not available. After a few years of frustration on dial-up I learned about these […]

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Getting Behind

Partly because I have finally found the ideal site for posting a-photo-a-day photoblog but also because I have so many other responsibilities (not to mention several dog walks each day :-)), I’m falling behind. I’ll be unavailable all day tomorrow and, as usual, I seldom go on the computer over the weekend. So I wanted […]

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A few things about me

I write; I photograph; I’m a wife, mother & grandmother; I love tasty food and make lots by scratch; I care a lot for the environment and nature; so I love animals; I love morning & evening light; gentle breezes; the best wine; the rhythms of the sea; the scent of water; and laughter. I’m […]

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