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on the reality of time well spent

When I practice piano, I start with a musical piece I’m familiar with or, dare I say, even relatively good at playing. Then I segue into practicing and focusing on the details of learning the newest (to me) piece. I love playing piano. I love practicing the piano. After all, it’s still the number one […]

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all lined up in a row

“Today we will live in the moment unless it’s unpleasant, in which case, me will eat a cookie.” — Cookie Monster Living in the moment. No regrets, only embracing the moment and all that we have to be grateful for. Downsizing has been a great exercise in living a more simple life full of gratitude. […]

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The Story of the Piano Men

Last time I promised to share the story about moving the piano. Before I forget — the story and to share it with you — imagine this: The Piano movers who delivered my new piano have since retired so I asked the good people where I had purchased the piano, who they might recommend. There’s […]

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On a clear day …

“On a clear day the Oregon coast is the most beautiful place on earth—clear and crisp and clean, a rich green in the land and a bright blue in the sky, the air fat and salty and bracing, the ocean spreading like a grin. Brown pelicans rise and fall in their chorus lines in the […]

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Currently …

Reading… not a thing. Playing … not at all. Working … on finishing up the sorting and packing. Eating … out this week. Wanting … this to be over. Needing … rest and my back to heal. Realizing, … again, that North Americans have way too much stuff. Grateful … for offers of help.   […]

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Around my campfire

I’m back! But only temporarily for the time being. Initially I was absent because I had been quite ill — for five weeks. As I began to recover, life began to take on some major changes ‘around my campfire’. To keep this brief and skipping a few unimportant details, we are planning a move. With an […]

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