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“Dreaming, I’m always dreaming, …” so goes the opening line to the lyrics of “Dreaming” by the Cascades (it’s a decades old song). Ever since I was a shy little kid in school, I’ve always been a day dreamer. I day dream much less now than I did then, but it’s still a part of […]

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My postcards have arrived! Not only did I receive 2 more postcards from two of the participants in the swap but the postcards I ordered with my own images on them just arrived. I’m beyond thrilled at how great they turned out. The first image shows some of the postcards that arrived as a result […]

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Busy days … and who mails letters?

I love receiving real mail — letters, notes, or postcards. Who doesn’t? I also make an honest effort to send real mail to friends and family. We’ve just said goodbye to company who have been with us this past week. It was great having my husband’s brother, sister-in-law, and their son (our nephew) come to […]

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