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Photographic Art with a Rural Theme

A few images from earlier this year. Since so many of my recent posts are wildlife or horses, I thought I’d shake it up with a little something different although all three are in a rural theme. I hope you enjoy. For those who are interested in my weekly environment column. Here is a link […]

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The Simple Things in Life

The day I photographed this trio of oranges, I had been making our morning cup of cappuccino. I noticed how the sun was beginning to cast shadows on the wall so turned around to have a look at what the sun was up to. I grabbed my camera and took a few photographs of these […]

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National Hanging Out Day

I have never stopped hanging my clothes out on a clothesline. I used to always hang them out even in winter when they’d freeze solid and would have to be finished indoors. But for the past 3 decades I only dry my clothes in a dryer during the bitter winter months. Today is National Hanging […]

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