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Tip Time: What to do with Coffee Grounds

The TIPS: Sprinkle coffee grounds around plants to deter slugs and snails. Coffee grounds are an ideal and economical soil amendment.  The grounds act as a slow release fertilizer with some of the nutrients available immediately and other nutrients available over a period of time. Earthworms love coffee grounds so they further condition the soil. Apparently cats don’t like […]

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Still knittin’ away. Still forging ahead building up my stamina on daily walks. Still grateful for: being able to walk again; continuing to improve; good friends; living in such a beautiful environment. My grand daughter is arriving today for her spring break. How lucky am I? Remember that weekly environment column I used to write […]

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I Love Etsy

I have this love affair with Etsy. No, that’s not some foreigner. It’s an online community of creative individuals. Everything on Etsy is hand made by the people who ‘set up shop’ plus it is a venue for sellers who have found or refurbished vintage items for resale. It’s a great place to shop for […]

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Coffee, Tea and the Environment

As most of you are aware, I write a weekly newspaper column dedicated to simple things each of us can do to reduce our impact on the environment, “Everyday Earth Wise”. Once it has been in print, the newspaper archives each column online. Since coffee and tea are such common hot beverages that most North […]

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