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Project 365 Day in the Life

A few days ago, after reading a poignant post over at Shutter Sisters, I made the decision to begin my own 365 project. For the photographers who pop by and visit here, you’ll all know what a 365 project is, but for others here is the simple explanation of what it’s about. A 365 project […]

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Dogs Take Over the Opening of this post

(okay, so I get desperate for titles!) … Our aging Springer Spaniel Maggie had surgery on her eye this week. Good old Pearl went immediately into protection mode the moment I brought Maggie home from the animal hospital. That was a few days ago and all is well and normal again. (This photo is neither […]

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Dog Gone Fun in a field an hour from Grande Prairie

If I were to try and put a caption to this photo of an 8 year old puppy it might go something like, “Is that my youth down in there somewhere?” Next post is a pictorial of Rocky Mountain Sheep I encountered a few weeks ago. ~~ Diane is an experienced dog, pet, & horse […]

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Those Poor Cold Suffering Dogs

If you’re a regular visitor, you’ll know the reason why I’m not posting as often as I usually have been. Due to a shoulder injury, my posts have necessarily become quite infrequent. I just returned from a trip to see my dad. I was unable to be at he grand opening of the new airport […]

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When Life Blows You Off Your Path

I realize I’ve again run behind on sharing previews of some of the wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure and honour to photograph. I had thought I’d get time last week but life has a way of throwing obstacles in my well planned path. I won’t bore you with all the obstacles and diversions that […]

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all you wonderful friends, clients, and cyber visitors! I’m heading to Edmonton for this Thanksgiving long weekend. My husband and I celebrated Thanksgiving last weekend and this coming real Thanksgiving I’ll be with my son and his lovely family. (They phoned me tonight and sang for me! Are they not the most […]

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