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Dog Views

Did you know? The Australian Shepherd did not originate in Australia. The first ancestors of the breed originated in the mountainous regions of Spain, though they later became known because of their use by sheep herders in Australia. Even though the huge popularity of this breed arose in the USA, the Americans tend to say […]

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In ways I have yet to discover.

“Try and fail but don’t fail to try.” ~ Steven Kaggwa.     This is a preview of another of my 2013 ventures. I’ve registered and have begun Kim Klassen’s Beyond Layers – a year of art-full inspiration. Thankfully it’s something that is self-paced. It’s something that is more about creativity than anything else and […]

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New Toy

All photographs on this site are the exclusive Copyright © Diane M. Schuller. All Rights Reserved. Permission directly from Diane is required should you wish to copy or use a photo for any purpose. Thank you for doing the right thing. What’s of note isn’t so much that this is a dog with a toy […]

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“Tamrac’s Maggie Has Moxie” January 1999 – January 2012 Dear Friends, It is with a heavy and pained heart I share with you that our dear Maggie May Muggins Magoo (as we often dearly called her) died in our arms last week. In her 13 years with us she brought John and I so much […]

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Good Samaritans

Good samaritans abound in my circle of life these days. Because I’m so busy lately and because my dogs are not getting the kind of attention & exercise they’re used to, I’ve hired someone to help out with the dogs. On Monday, the fellow who had my male Australian Shepherd, Austin, ended up losing him. […]

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Snow Angel

The canine version of making snow angels, for your viewing pleasure. (Even though the light is flat, sometimes it’s necessary to take the photo to capture the moment.) A spectator but non-participant: ~ ~ ~ Photographs Never Forget! If you would like me to take photographs of the precious moments with your pets, contact me […]

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