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My Bookmark Rests Between these Pages

So between what pages is your bookmark resting? One of the great things about reading is the ability to travel to places, experience other cultures, and learn about other lives. I remember someone once said she calls it “theater for the mind” and that is so true. When someone asks me what my favourite book […]

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In the Kitchen with Diane

All photographs on this site are the exclusive Copyright © Diane M. Schuller. All Rights Reserved. Permission directly from Diane is required should you wish to copy or use a photo for any purpose. Thank you for doing the right thing. We all need to cook to survive but many of us can find spending […]

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Blowin’ in the Wind

Seems I’ve been doing a lot of that lately — blowin’ in the wind. Along the way, I’ve settled here and there. Read a great novel that I highly recommend (Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay); been cooking up some soups again; having friends over for coffee and for dinner (talk about food for the soul!); […]

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Favourite Things

Since I’m not working at the moment, and because I’ve had some recent discussions relating to favourite things and recommendations, I’m adding something a bit different to these pages. From time to time, in addition to some of the book recommendations I have shared, I’m going to add an occasional post about some of my […]

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Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of Winter

(sorry only the text portion of this post remains; photographs have been removed) Red Breasted Nuthatch at our peanut feeder here in frigid Alberta I hope you all had a Christmas season that was filled with joy and glad tidings. Ours was of that ilk and a bit on the lazy side to boot. The […]

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For the Weekend

(sorry only the text portion of this post remains; photographs have been removed) A few posts ago, I shared a photo of a novel I was reading, Resistance. It was excellent! and I highly recommend it — actually anything by Anita Shreve is well worth reading. Currently my bookmark is resting between the pages of […]

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