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everyone has a story

Sitting blankly, pondering what to write in this postcard. Nothing worthwhile comes at first. Like a plant remaining dormant until the warm water and fertilizer make their way through all the capillaries and begin to settle in each cell, the bud of a thought begins to form. I shall share part of my story in […]

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Good Samaritans

Good samaritans abound in my circle of life these days. Because I’m so busy lately and because my dogs are not getting the kind of attention & exercise they’re used to, I’ve hired someone to help out with the dogs. On Monday, the fellow who had my male Australian Shepherd, Austin, ended up losing him. […]

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Roy’s Story

His hair – and he had lots of it – was orange as a persimmon with curls that make steel wool look tame. It was his hair that first caught my attention, though my guess is most people would have first noticed his awkward gait and slight lilt toward one side as he struggled forward, […]

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When you least expect it

It’s so true that we discover some of life’s most extraordinary moments when we least expect it. I had just walked a public labyrinth located in Victoria, BC and was drawn to a colourful and amazingly well kept church across the street. Camera in hand my intent was simply to get a few shots of […]

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Holding you in my heart …

How often have you come across someone who is a total stranger to you, yet you want so desperately to hold them? While in Sydney, BC I was strolling along the harbour walk when I noticed this man. Something about the way he was ambling along, caught my attention. He wasn’t walking in a strut […]

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