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Pockets of happy moments

Simple things remind us of happy moments and childhood times. Carry them in your pocket or have a place where you can be a kid again. Going to a playground, or childhood swimming hole, or a swing, or playing a certain game, or [insert your happy place]. Although not verbatim, this is essentially what I recently overheard a gentleman sharing with some friends.

“To smile: look back at happy memories.” — unknown

Don’t dismiss this idea as ridiculous. Surprise yourself when you realize how splendid you feel and that your smile has become permanent.

Photo credit: The Mirror {UK}

Don’t you love those random memories that make you smile no matter what’s going on in your life at a particular moment? Me too.

One of those random memories I think of right away is something I often did as a child growing up. Being a lover of horses and longing to some day own one of my own, I would run around the yard neighing like a horse, loping as if I were the free running horse of my dreams. Those make-believe moments manifested in many other ways. I’d set up jumps on the front lawn made from broom sticks, rakes, and hoes held atop the seats of our chrome-legged kitchen chairs and would pretend to be the champion show jumper Snowman as I sailed over the crude show jumps. I spent many childhood hours imagining, running, jumping, and neighing, until eventually my dream became a reality. A segue into another pocket full of happy memories.

{For anyone who’d like to read more about the famous equine, click for a brief summary about Snowman. }

Wishing you all a week ahead slipping out happy moments from your pockets.


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Lisa Gordon - February 12, 2018 - 12:03 pm

What a wonderful post this is, Diane!
A perfect “Monday” post, and it makes me smile.
Thank you, my friend, and have a wonderful week ahead.

sherri - February 12, 2018 - 6:45 pm

i used to love hop-scotch and haven’t thought of it for years. the motion in these images is incredible. gotta love the greyscale image. i’m always fond of them.

Andi - February 14, 2018 - 3:26 pm

I love this post. Such beautiful pictures to match equally beautiful words.
I often pull from my stockpile of wonderful childhood memories and am always glad when I do.

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