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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Photographs never forget

I’m definitely on a roll with getting as many of my unprinted photos off the computer and in print. I write about it frequently here on my blog and the most recent of those posts showed the photo books I created as a gift for my grand daughters — by the way, the photo books were […]

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Pockets of happy moments

Simple things remind us of happy moments and childhood times. Carry them in your pocket or have a place where you can be a kid again. Going to a playground, or childhood swimming hole, or a swing, or playing a certain game, or [insert your happy place]. Although not verbatim, this is essentially what I […]

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let the music set you free

“Close your eyes and let the music set you free.” — from Phantom of the Opera Do you remember when Starbucks ran their “The way I see it” project? They asked mostly known individuals to respond with a response to that statement and they printed them on their take out cups. Words of wisdom on […]

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3 things I’m into, at the moment

This first one will come as no surprise, but living with less and making space for things that matter is number one on the list. I truly wish I had embraced this years ago, though perhaps I wasn’t ready years ago. The key thing is that it has added such freedom and joy and space […]

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