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Monthly Archives: November 2017

How to get started sorting through years of digital photos

“In order to remember, we have to access and interact with the photos, rather than just amass them.” —Linda Henkel, Point-and-Shoot Memories, Psychological Science (2013) We’re taking photos.  Obviously they’re important to us.  But then what? In my previous post, I urged you to get your photos printed — at least your favourites. You don’t […]

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Why You Need to Print Your Photos … today

Why you need to print your photos … today: “An image in hand can touch your heart more deeply than an image on a computer screen. Printed photographs are gifts.” ~Meredith Wynn Computers fail. Hard drives crash. USB sticks and DVDs can and do corrupt. Even back-up discs can die or fail. Technology changes. Most […]

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