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Roam New Roads

French Creek jetty, Parksville, BC

Whether you are an avid photographer or simply someone who embraces life, Roam New Roads is all about exploring, capturing, and living. It’s a great theme for life, period, but it’s a also a simple concept to embrace as a theme in our lives whether for 2017 or for life!


travel ©Diane M Schuller, Do NOT Copy

My photos have taken the “roam new roads” literally, but the theme need not mean travel or exploring geographically. It can mean exploring new experiences, whether it’s events in the community; gathering with friends; trying something on your bucket list; taking up a hobby or learning a new language, for instance. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to take a cooking class, or learning to play an instrument, or join a book club, or perhaps do monthly lunch dates with friends. Maybe you want to sort through your photos to print your favourites and put them in albums for your kids or grandkids — now’s the time to take that road. Roaming new roads can be as simple or as exhilarating as you want it to be. It can be close to home or far afield.

cobblestone road in Greece ©Diane M Schuller

Dunvegan hill, Alberta

Road in Rome near Coliseum, ©Diane M Schuller

Road in Greece

Bridge in Spain

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So now you’re wondering what new roads I plan to roam. Well, to be honest, they’re likely going to be serendipitous. I do plan to discover more of our beautiful island this year, to take more photographs, and to learn how to teach Heidi some new skills. Because I’m not setting goals, this may seem rather generic. But I want to wander, like wandering along a wooded path. I hope to glance something out of the corner of my eye and follow it, or to hear something down the road and be guided towards whatever it may be. I’ll share my discoveries as they become unearthed. Will you roam new roads?

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Lisa Gordon - January 9, 2017 - 7:18 am

If this is generic, it sure sounds good to me, Diane!!
I think serendipitous is the best. At least for me anyway.
Interestingly, I just finished a post about happy accidents. Kind of along the same line of thought.
Enjoy every moment of your wanderings, and I do hope that you will share them here.

Happy day to you, my friend.

Juliann - January 9, 2017 - 8:59 am

I have plans to do a bit of roaming this year. There have been a few things that have happened in the last two years that are pushing me to get going and not leave those dreams to chance.

Susan Clark - January 9, 2017 - 12:07 pm

I have a trip to England this year but that is an old road, however I plan to volunteer for a week in a beautiful castle garden which will be a little adventure. Plans can easily overwhelm me so serendipity sounds perfect.

Sherry - January 9, 2017 - 4:22 pm

Lovely images, Diane. 🙂
I know I will be roaming out your way again—I’m already dreaming of the green! I tried my hand at painting in 2016 and look forward to roaming those creative roads a little further this year. Enjoy wherever you roaming takes you!

Rachel - January 11, 2017 - 3:53 pm

Beautiful images Diane. I particularly love the first one of the post. As is often the case, your words struck a cord with me. In both photography and art, I have plans to do just this… Looking forward to seeing how you roam the roads in 2017.

Jennifer - January 12, 2017 - 3:27 pm

You’ve got me thinking. There are a couple of trips in my plans, but I prefer to answer your question in a less literal way. What roads do I want to roam in the coming year?
I am guilty of relegating my dreams to the distant future. It’s always “someday” I’d like to do something adventurous or accomplish a goal. The problem is I am not getting any younger and my “somedays” might run out before I do. LOL
Someday, I’d love to live in each of the provinces for a full month. I’d love to see some of the gardens in England I always read about. I’d love to photograph something other than gardens!!! And I’d love to learn to read a novel in the French original. The challenge for me is to stop seeing all my dreams in the distant future.