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As Mrs. Ali said to the Major …

“I am to be converted to the joys of knitting,’ said Mrs. Ali, smiling at the Major.
‘My condolences,’ he said.” — Helen Simonson, Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand: A Novel

snow day
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very pretty lace scarf at www.dianeschuller.com
“The information is now in your hands for you to enjoy in the way that suits you best. Learn it all, or learn a little — the choice is yours. Have fun.” — Montse Stanley

“Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn’t hurt the untroubled spirit either.” –– Elizabeth Zimmermann

Well, that about sums up my feelings on this topic. It’s been a crazy week knitting-wise. Started a new project (that pretty lace scarf under construction up there) and had to teach myself the “magic loop” which wasn’t so magical, for me. Andi at My Sister’s Knitter came to the rescue, along with some helpful knitters at Ravelry and things are knitting along wonderfully again. For the knitters out there, here are the details on this current project:

In my last post I mentioned the book I’m reading for our current book club selection is The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach. I definitely do not recommend it. Don’t like the scattered storyline, don’t like the style of writing, and can’t wait to get it over and done. But I can recommend one of my favourite books, The Book Thief by Markus Zuzak. A great story, told in a unique way, with an adept writing style, and well worth reading. I also recommend the novel about the Major (see quote at the top) for a delightfully perky read.

Time to pay it forward. With all the help and support we received when I first had my stroke, so many people helped John out and both of us when I was home from hospital. A friend has been in a bad way for nearly two weeks and I’m finally doing something about it. I made a huge pot of homemade baked beans and some of my artisan bread to take over. Since she’s not able to cook, it will be a relief to her husband I’m sure. See you later, I’m headed out the door shortly.

But before I go, another question for you. What do you value most in your friends? I’d love to read your responses.


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Andi - February 28, 2014 - 6:36 pm

Adore those quotes. Quite fitting. So glad I was able to point some rather wonderful knitters in your direction to help you love your knitting again.
I have been wanting to read The Book Thief, thank you for reminding me!
Have a lovely weekend. 🙂

lisa - March 2, 2014 - 3:45 pm

Oh, Diane, this is beautiful. The combination of this yarn, and that soft lacy stitch is simply perfect.

I have not done a lot of reading lately. I am kind of getting things done around the house while it’s too cold to be outside for too long, because I know that as soon as the weather is better, I am going to want to spend as much time outside as possible.

What I value most in my friends, is quite simply the fact that they are there. To me, that is the best. Much like you, making something to bring to your friend who is not well. I hope she is better real soon.


lori - March 3, 2014 - 9:52 am

hi diane,

thank you for your kind comment. vancouver island, how lucky! you have a beautiful blog, such lovely photos of your dog. i love joelle’s book, i don’t know how many things i’ve made from it (many!). your mohair scarf is looking very pretty.

Susan - March 5, 2014 - 8:01 pm

Lovely quotes and that Lacey scarf is so beautiful! The Book Thief is a fave here too…I’m anxious now to see the movie. John Williams composed the soundtrack and I love his music.
What I love most about my friends is that they are always there for me.