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Yearly Archives: 2013

Not Any Ordinary Muffin, that’s for sure

Looks like an ordinary homemade muffin doesn’t it? It’s not. Would you believe these are Bacon, Leek, & (white) Cheddar muffins? Oh yes, and this is the second time within a week that I’ve made them. They are so darn delicious and perfect for a quick breakfast or to have with a more robust breakfast. […]

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Random Photos plus Recommendations

recommend |rek a mend|verb [ trans. ] 1 put forward (someone or something) with approval as being suitable for a particular purpose or role : George had recommended some local architects | a book I recommended to a friend of mine.• advise or suggest (something) as a course of action : some doctors recommend putting a board under the mattress | [with clause ] the reportrecommended that criminal charges be brought.• [ trans. ] advise (someone) to do something : you are strongly recommended […]

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Currently …

Hey, what’s going on? Two posts in one week?  the August 1, 2013 version:   {I ‘lifted’ this great idea from Tournesol — she has a knack for writing interesting blog posts} digging (as in liking): that I can pick blueberries in my backyard drinking: home brewed iced tea (brewed with orange peels) eating: at this […]

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creating for giving as hostess gifts

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” ~Maya Angelou It feels so good to create something you plan to give as a gift. In recent days I spent some time creating a bookmark and some new, higher end Thank You notes. These are all meant to give as gifts, […]

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sandals, sangria, and warm sunsets

  My intentions are always the best. I’ve been promising over the past several months to update on some of the interesting and fun things we’ve been up to. Well, we continue to be busy having more of those interesting times and I never seem to have enough time to prepare the photos to go […]

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