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Yearly Archives: 2013

Lavender Shortbread

I recently made another delectable recipe from Sea Salt: Recipes from a West Coast Galley cookbook: Lavender Shortbread. I wondered how it would translate but, adventurous as I am, it was something I couldn’t help but try. I loved the result and will definitely be making this again. In fact, when I served it at […]

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Ta Da — the elusive backsplash

At long last I’m posting some before and after photos of our kitchen. Not all of these photos are mine and the first one, in particular, is particularly poor quality. But this first one is the best to show how dark the kitchen was and what an awful colour the ceiling and walls were painted […]

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Do you Tip?

They’re looking rather scruffy aren’t they? Actually since I took this photo, Pearl (on the left) has been to the groomers. Her coat type is entirely different from Austin’s and is a constant struggle to maintain. We decided to take her to a groomer for a bath and a nice comb-out. She’s 11 and this […]

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Currently …

(Does it count that I wrote this one a couple days ago?) digging (as in liking): the utterly beautiful backsplash I chose and that was finally installed yesterday drinking: my usual morning cappuccino listening: my go-to radio station, CBC (did you read my previous post by any chance?) reading: Room by Emma Donahue which is our current book […]

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Books and Fairy Dust

Admit it, we all need books and fairy dust once in a while. This year, CBC Radio was conducting a survey of sorts with a public vote asking listeners to choose which book from the past two decades we think was the Giller winner of all Giller Award winners. I didn’t even have to think […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Look who I found inside my Hawes watering can? Ye olde Tree Frog, that’s who! The crazy thing is, he (she) simply remained there while I emptied the entire contents on my tomatoes and a few other pots. I noticed this little guy when I went to refill it with water. That’s when I let […]

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