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Do you Tip?

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They’re looking rather scruffy aren’t they? Actually since I took this photo, Pearl (on the left) has been to the groomers. Her coat type is entirely different from Austin’s and is a constant struggle to maintain. We decided to take her to a groomer for a bath and a nice comb-out. She’s 11 and this is the second time I’ve taken her to a groomer but selecting a groomer is a real process. I think we’re both a bit too fussy about certain things. We did find a groomer with a nice clean facility, who doesn’t expect the dogs to sit in cages for hours before being ‘done’, and she was incredibly easy with her (yes, we can tell). :~) The groomer called us to let us know Pearl was getting tired and we should come pick her up. The groomer felt that the nearly 2 hours she spent with her was enough for the old gal but asked if we’d bring her back the next day for a short time so she could ‘finish her off’. I thought she looked pretty great but we did take her the next day for a short visit so the groomer could trim her legs and the hair on her feet plus thin out her mane a bit. And she didn’t charge any extra!! I couldn’t believe it. I have a question to ask those of you who take your dog(s) to the groomer. Do you tip groomers? Since this is only the second time we’ve ever used a groomer, I wasn’t at all sure whether the protocol is to tip or not to tip groomers. Because I was so pleased with what a fine job the gal did, how kind she was, that she went over and above what was expected, and how Pearl reacted that I felt she deserved a tip even if that’s not what people do. So the young lady received a tip from me. After all I tip my hairdresser and she doesn’t do anywhere near the work that the groomer had to do with Pearl. What do you do?

UPDATE: It is agreed then that I did the right thing: tipping is definitely in order for dog groomers. I found this since I originally posted this and thought it spelled things out quite nicely. Enjoy:

10 reasons why it costs so much for a Dog groomer

In the next post I promise to deal with a few things I’ve left hanging for a while: before and after photos of our kitchen and the new backsplash plus a few words about the last book I read: Room. Oh, and I may have to talk about food again.

Looking forward to attending Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner as part of the Newcomer’s Club this weekend. I’ve already decided on what I’m taking as a hostess gift and what salad I’m going to make to bring along. For this round of the dinners the coordinator has stipulated that the man of the house will be cooking dinner for the guests. So that’s the highlight for this coming weekend. What about you?




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Sherry Smyth - September 28, 2013 - 8:04 am

Never had to use a dog groomer (no dogs), but I think this is an excellent question to ask Diane. There are many times when we’re puzzled over “do I tip here?” — and when I’m in doubt, I do it. Your example of the groomer going over and above and not charging…in that instance I’d be more inclined to give a tip and a note with a “thank you so much”. Or make a stop with a card and a tip to show appreciation. When we were in the UK and Ireland in the spring we were at a loss about tipping in pubs. Custom says you pay and offer one for the bar tender. Which we did in the UK. But in Ireland when we tried to leave a tip the bar tender told us that wasn’t necessary, nor was buying him a pint. So different places, different customs. But we were happier to make the offer and be told “not necessary” than to do nothing and be thought of as “ignorant tourists” (lol!).

lisa - September 28, 2013 - 6:23 pm

They look just gorgeous, Diane, and very happy too!

I do tip my groomers. Like you, I just figure it’s like going to get my hair trimmed.

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

Sherry Galey - September 29, 2013 - 9:07 am

It’s certainly true what Sherry says: different places, different customs. We do tip our groomers — they have always done an awesome job and it’s a way to recognize that. I tend to tip well for great service/work all the time (unless it is considered an insult, of course). Your dogs are just beautiful. I love seeing their pics!

Sherry - October 4, 2013 - 7:50 am

Thank you for brining sunshine to my days, Diane. I’m nominating you for a Sunshine Award. See my blog for details…http://wp.me/p2dZoc-1pU