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‘bubbles’ (bokeh is really what it is) in my garden …

It’s been somewhat busy in the past week. Drove my neighbour and joined him in a local Probus meeting. The guest speaker was a woman who traveled to Machu Picchu and she lost 100 lbs to be able to walk the Inca Trail to the summit. Her talk was fascinating, her ‘street’ photos really made the place come to life, and I loved something she suggested for travelers. She told us, when she travels somewhere, she always makes a point to take some local cooking lessons. Not the gourmet stuff but the classical home cooking of the local culture. I thought that was a superb idea and hope to do just that when I get a chance to travel.

The next day was ladies lunch with the Newcomer’s at one of the local golf courses. We enjoyed some lively conversation, ate a nice meal, and had a gorgeous view. Back at home we had a few huge trees cut down on our property this week and don’t you want to believe that had all the neighbours talking — and driving by for a look-see. Last evening we enjoyed ‘happy hour’ with our neighbours on their deck. The other couple who joined us are new to the neighbourhood and I must say the six of us had such a fun time together.

Oh and how could I forget! This week’s piano lesson was so uplifting! Despite all my worrying about my slow progress, my piano teacher thinks I’ve done really well and that I shouldn’t be expecting so much since I’m learning all this from scratch. What an uplifting lesson that turned out to be. With such positive encouragement I’m feeling much better as I plod along with my daily practicing.

Today I took a little ‘road trip’ with the Newcomer’s club. We drove up to Port Alberni and rode the old steam train (what a blast from the past!) up to one of the wineries where we all enjoyed a couple hours of sampling wines & appies. You won’t believe it but I actually forgot to take my camera! I took a few photos with my phone but those are never very good.

Tomorrow is another exciting day. Two ladies I met through Flickr are taking the ferry up here and we’re going to do a photo field trip. Should be a fun and exciting Friday.

Wishing all you lovely people a sunny and joy-filled weekend doing whatever makes your heart sing!

keys to my secret garden

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lisa - August 23, 2013 - 5:20 pm

It sounds like a wonderful week, Diane, and congratulations on the piano lesson!
I wish you a weekend as special as your week.

Sherry at Still and All - August 24, 2013 - 9:26 am

Wow, Diane, this amazing first image stopped me and put a huge smile on my face. There is lots of bokeh about but this has to be some of the prettiest I’ve seen. What a full and rich week you’ve had. I’ve had a few trips on a steam train in the Gatineau (outside of Ottawa) in the past and thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact one of our friends had a wedding reception on it and another had a birthday party. By the way, I made that special glaze you told me about for salmon. It was magnificent. I will definitely be doing tat one again! Congratulations on your piano progress. Keep it up! And I hope you let us know all about your flickr meet up. How fun.

Candace - August 29, 2013 - 9:54 pm

That bokeh is gorgeous!